Learning a lot

Well, I certainly have a lot to say about “8”
Maps were a bit frustrating because it took so long to load, in fact I had to go about other tasks and return to the maps. I did manage to utilize many of the options on maps and have to confess, learned quite a bit.
I then traveled to Google shopping and spied a gift a daughter-in-law and son wanted. I now know both what it looks like and …how much it costs. That helps.
I then delved into Life hacker top 10 obscure search tricks. Google thought I already knew some of the tried & true. Well, I fooled Google.
It’s great knowing how quickly foreign currency can be evaluated, and weather, wherever.
I now understand why people take their laptops everywhere. Is it too late to ask for one for Christmas?


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Well,This is interesting. My new Friend Judy from the Edwardsville Library helped me with my Christmas list by suggesting books for some of those darling kids on my list. Next time I’m in Edwardsville I’ll take her to linch.

By the way where is Edwardsville?

The AIM acronym dictionary is fun to look at and would be even more fun if I could remember some of them

Well, bfn


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My best ski adventure

Oh my what an adventure!! Without the patient help of this staff I’d have no idea about Control v.

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Poor Lisa

Yes, poor Lisa. She has to listen to me wail and moan about my computer deficiences. If she has her way I’ll improve each time or she’ll know why!  Lisa, I promise to do better tomorrow. REALLY.


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Good news. I found my sunset and my second blog.

Life just keeps happening.


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oh, oh

OK, what happened to my latest blog? And where the heck is my beautiful picture. If any one finds them please let me know.


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Originally uploaded by hoodwinks

Well, what an experience!!! Flickr, bicker, ticker. The good news, I think, is that I can learn all this again tomorrow, because you see, I’m in the sunset of my life. That’s why I choose this sunset picture.

Now I’m listening to a co-worker struggle with Flickr. At least I’m not alone. We’re going into that sunset together.

Oh, wait a minute, I just helped my co-worker. Perhaps this is not so bad!!

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